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Tradition since 1873

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Pawn loan: What can you borrow against?

  • Gold and diamonds, brand-name jewellery and pearl jewellery
  • Gold bars and gold coins, silverware and silver coins
  • Watches and luxury watches (with papers and boxes, if possible)
  • Brand new technical appliances
  • High-quality luxury bags and accessories
  • High-quality items, such as Märklin trains
  • Musical instruments, etc.
  • Motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles)
  • Art (antiques & works of art)

Pawn loan at Brocker - your advantages

  • Instant cash without credit checks
  • No questions about your income or purpose of the loan
  • No personal liability for a pawn loan (only the pawned item acts a surety)
  • You can bridge financial bottlenecks
  • Low costs:
  • Only 1% interest per month plus a statutory fee for insurance and safekeeping according to the pawnbroking ordinance.

Frequently Asked Questions | Topic: Pawn loan

For whom is a pawn loan suitable?

The pawn loan is perfect for everyone who is looking for a short-term loan with the least possible bureaucracy. It is the easiest and fastest way to get a cash loan.

The easy way to access cash

You bring us an item of value and identify yourself with an official form of ID. We value the item and you deposit it as collateral, in return for which you receive the corresponding amount of money in cash.

Do I get the cash immediately?

Yes, in most cases the whole process takes just minutes. It depends on the item you hand over to the pawnshop. If the value of the item is more difficult for us to estimate, the process may take up to half an hour.

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to pawn my valuables?

Pawning your valuable at Pfandhaus Anton Brocker GmbH is completely uncomplicated. All you need to do is bring an item of value (see which items you can bring to our pawnshop) to one of our branches and have it valued. It is important that you are over 18 years old and bring a valid, official photo ID with you.

What objects can I bring to the pawnshop?

In principle, everything that has a certain equivalent value can be pawned. Typical items, for example, include gold, silver and diamond jewellery and high-end watches. Also, brand-name technical appliances such as televisions or cameras. For more information, go here.

How long do I have to pick up my valuables again?

The pawn ticket is valid for four months. During this time, you can redeem your pawned item at any time, after which you have another extra month to redeem it or extend the term.

What does pawning one of my valuables cost?

Some of the costs are stipulated by law. You always pay 1% interest on the loan. Furthermore, there is a fee for storage, insurance and processing the loan, which is regulated in the pawnbroking ordinance. See table:

Monthly fee Up to and including loan amount
1,00 € 15,00 €
1,50 € 30,00 €
2,00 € 50,00 €
3,50 € 150,00 €
4,50 € 200,00 €
5,50 € 250,00 €
6,50 € 300,00 €

For loan amounts of € 301.00 or more, 1% interest on the loan amount is charged for each month. In addition to the interest, a monthly fee is charged, which is staggered according to the amount of the loan. You can enquire about this in person or by phone at our branches.

Example with a 3-months term and a € 300 loan
Conclusion Date Expiry Date Loan Monthly fees Monthly interest Redemption amount at the end of the term (3 months)
01.01.2021 01.04.2021 300 € 6,50 € 3 € 328,50 €
Interest = 9.5%
What do I have to pay if I want to collect my item again?

You only pay the loan and the accrued interest and fees. These are fixed when the pawnbroking agreement is concluded and do not change. The months are always calculated times the interest and fees.

What does renewing a pawnbroking agreement cost?

The renewal costs depend on the loan amount borrowed. To renew your loan agreement, you simply have to pay the interest and fees that have accrued to date.

What happens if I cannot collect my item or renew the loan agreement?

If you do not redeem your item of value or renew your loan agreement with us, it will be sold at public auction. Your collateral is our only surety for your loan. You will not incur any further costs. If additional proceeds are generated at auction, you are entitled to receive them. This entitlement expires after 3 years. If you do not contact us, we will usually write to you before the deadline expires. If you do not collect the surplus, it will be transferred to the public purse.

Can I repay my loan in instalments?

Yes, that is definitely possible. In this case, you can pay off some of the loan amount when you renew the agreement. (Example: You have to pay € 9.50 to renew the agreement and you have received a loan of € 300. Now you have the option of paying us € 59,50, whereupon we can reduce the loan from € 300 to € 250, thereby also reducing the interest and fees in the future.)

Can I also extend the pawn loan agreement by bank transfer?

Ja natürlich. Bitte überweisen Sie dann den kompletten Betrag an das unten stehende Konto. Außerdem gilt zu beachten, dass Sie Ihren Namen, die Pfandkreditnummer, Ihr Geburtsdatum und die Filiale in den Verwendungszweck aufnehmen. Dies ist sehr wichtig, damit das Geld dem richtigen Kunden zugewiesen werden kann.

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What happens if I lose my pawn ticket?

Please contact us immediately if this should happen. Anyone who has the pawn ticket in their possession can gain access to the pawned object. The pawn credit agreement is to be safeguarded in the same way as you would safeguard cash. We can then block the agreement so that it can only be redeemed on presentation of an ID card.

How are my valuables stored at the pawnbroker?

All object and items are stored properly and safely. Our safety equipment meets the latest standards and complies the VdS standard for property insurers. All pawned items are insured in accordance with the legal requirements.